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Archive for September, 2017

Medical & Dental Malpractice – Should You Leave Out Defendants?

What if you like one of the doctors and do not want to sue him, or your relative works for the hospital where you were a patient and you do not want to cause trouble by suing the hospital?  Can you leave them out, even though they were partly responsible?  Can you pick out one doctor, whom you dislike, sue him, and leave everybody else alone?


What if You or Your Lawyer Make a Mistake and Sue the Wrong Doctor?

It can happen.  If your case was complicated, or your treatment involved several doctors, it can be confusing and will require the assistance of medical experts or dental experts to sort it out and identify the real culprits.  (more…)

Why not sue everybody in a medical or dental malpractice case?  There are several reasons, to list just a few:

You do not want to sue innocent people.  These are called harassment suits.  They are not ethical, and they usually fail.  In some states, they can also expose you to a countersuit by the doctor or an assessment of costs by the court for bringing a frivolous lawsuit.  More importantly, if you go into court suing a number of people, especially if some of them are obviously innocent, you will prejudice the jury against you and appear to be a quarrelsome person, who does not deserve anything.


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