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When you go to a big law firm, or one that is headed a famous lawyer, the chances you will get the “big gun” to handle your medical malpractice or dental malpractice case are slim, unless you have a very big case or a class-action suit.  You will probably be directed to one of the other members of the firm, who will handle your case from beginning to end.  Chances are that none of the other lawyers in the firm will work on it or even meet with you.

The lawyers in a firm are divided into partners, who are the owners and experienced lawyers.  Associates are employees and trainees.  If the lawyer assigned to your case is an associate, it means you have the second team.  Lawyers usually do not gain the skills and experience to become partner much under the age of 40.  You should be aware of this, if you are turned over to a young attorney in a large law firm. (more…)

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