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Ask about legal fees.  A lawyer should offer you the choice of paying cash as you go along, but that can be expensive.  Or, a lawyer can offer you a Contingency Fee agreement under which he agrees to handle your case for a percentage of the total award.  If you lose, you do not pay his legal fee.

In most states, the maximum percentage of your winnings a lawyer can take under a contingency agreement is controlled by law.  In other states, lawyers can charge whatever the client will agree to, within reason; however, there is one thing you should know.  A lawyer can always agree to reduce his fee.  Only the maximum is set by law.  If a lawyer tells you that 40% of your award is the authorized legal fee in your state, he means that 40% is the most the courts will allow him to charge you.  It does not mean that he cannot give you a better deal.  Any lawyer can negotiate his fee with you, and you should try to get the best possible arrangement, especially if your case is worth a substantial amount and a large legal fee.  Do not be afraid to ask. (more…)

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